You are ambitious, and you want to get everything out of your life, but:


 You always feel busy

You don't have enough free time

You are not spending enough time on things that are really important to you

You feel overwhelmed by everything that comes to you, and you never have a clear mind

Your to-do list is never finished

You feel like your life is just passing by

You have difficulties to sleep because of all the things you still need to take care of

You feel that you don't do your very best work



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You feel it's time to make a change,
but you don't know how, or where to start?

You do want to make a change, but it is very challenging and time consuming to start. And actually, you have no idea where to start in the first place. It is hard. Imagine if you could have someone, a guide, a coach, a partner, a friend, a fan, who leads the way? What would it be to not have to think about how to start, to receive open and honest feedback on your life, on how you are spending your time, and your priorities? 

Boost your productivity, find your priorities, and improve your daily lifestyle

My competences are Productivity, Personal Effectiveness, TIme Management, Self organisation, and Getting things done. I am a personal coach helping you to become your best self. 

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You have found your partner.

Hi, I am Rutger Quak. I am a personal coach with a passion for productivity. I enjoy finding ways to get more of the right things done in less time. It is my mission to help you find your ways to become more productive and to have more time to work on things that matter to you. I do one-on-one coaching and group coaching with only one goal: To help you Achieve More and Be Better than Ever. 



Three ways I can help you


We will focus on the challenges YOU are facing. The program will be tailored to your needs and wishes. You have the possibility to either chose for help on specific topics, or you can go for a full package during which we work on multiple topics to bring the changes in you desire.

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If you want to boost your team's performance you have come to the right place. Whether you want to improve your ways of working, build a better cooperation atmosphere in your team, or train your employees in their productivity, I can help out. 

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You can find tools and resources on my website. You can check out my blog posts where I will post regularly. Or you can check out the products I offer to get you started immediately by yourself.

Go for it! Start being better.



What my clients say

Krista testimonial
"I had no clarity and felt generally overwhelmed by the amount of email in my inbox.The thought of all these messages totally stressed me out and sucked up a lot of my mental energy. You showed me how I could easily organise my Inbox, and I was blown away from how simple, clear and straightforward this was. It was mind-opening and empowering! I now use my energy and time for things that really matter to me." -- Krista Kaufmann
''I was often close to email burn-out. I wanted to get a fresh start and be set up for success. You taught me principles, actionable tips and disciplines. I am a month in now, and I have Inbox zero everyday! Lovely emptiness! I have successfully established a great routine now, thanks to your personalised help." -- Adeline Gautier
Adeline - testimonial.png




I provide my services in English and Dutch.

Where I Coach

Online Coaching
Your Office or Impact Hub Geneva

I provide most of my services online, with the help of Skype or other online co-working tools. If you are close, I can come to your office in the region of Geneva, or we can meet for our sessions at the Impact Hub in Geneva.